Achieve MDR/DAC6 compliance

Starting from September 2020, it will be mandatory for intermediaries to report and provide information on the audit trails for their (cross-border) arrangements to the tax authorities in the relevant countries. The aim of this new measure is to highlight potential loopholes and harmful tax practices, and it is seen as one of the biggest changes for both tax professionals and taxpayers in recent years.

How will DAC6 impact the tax professional? The truth is that intermediaries will be faced with even more menial administration tasks. Becoming DAC6 compliant can be time-consuming and if done manually it can lead to costly human errors.

DAC6pro is a tool conceived by our unique combination of IT / TAX professionals and our DAC6 community, to help intermediaries and multinationals easily comply with the DAC6 regulation.

DAC6pro in a nutshell

DAC6pro allows you to determine exactly when you are and aren’t DAC6/MDR compliant on a country-by-country basis, in one simple-to-use solution. Fortify your compliance strategy by embedding DAC6pro in your daily workstreams to avoid any unnecessary and costly penalties.

With DAC6pro you’ll be able to set-up your arrangements; manage the rights of users to support different roles and responsibilities; collect data regarding your arrangements including information on the local regulations, taxpayers or intermediaries involved and the value of the arrangement; and even more.

DAC6pro approach can be defined in 4 steps:

Client management

Allows you to handle all the arrangements of your clients.

Arrangement management

Gives you insights into the arrangements for each clients and helps you gather the data that you need.

Hallmark test

Check which hallmarks are applicable to the arrangements for the relevant countries.

XML ready for reporting

Allows you to easily report your arrangements to the different country authorities.

We make things easier for tax professionals

We translate international tax insights into software systems that we call solutions. But what makes us special and puts us in a unique position in the tax technology world is our incomparable team.

IT geniuses work together with our hipster designers, suit-and-tie tax professionals and our coffee-loving marketing staff in an office on one floor with no walls. We like to call this concentrated process ‘creative mayhem’ – and boy, does it work. This setup allows for an environment that encourages variety and inspires transparency, and this has been the key to building our one-of-a-kind TaxSuite.

Making Tax Transparent

We are working towards developing a full suite of affordable standardised software solutions for international tax professionals, which reconstruct the tax concept by making it transparent. How will we achieve this? By showing how the mechanics of taxes are actually very similar on a global scale and by providing in-house tax support through coaching and training sessions that allow people to become experts.

We are continuously focusing on increasing our business intelligence and transparency by ensuring our technology is beautifully designed, simple to use, and user-friendly.

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