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DAC6pro is an end-to-end cloud solution designed to support your DAC6 compliance process. It allows you to identify, gather, and assess your arrangement data and to create reports in line with the receiving authority’s technical requirements. Whether you have a single client or multiple clients, with DAC6pro your team will be in the driver’s seat of your DAC6 compliance process, with the following features:

You can report in each EU member state* in XML

From 15 countries, we’ve received and implemented the XML schemas. *Although the official MDR/DAC6 reporting deadline already started, we are still awaiting the technical guidelines from 11 countries. Whenever a country publishes its technical guidelines, our IT team typically needs two weeks to align DAC6pro.

Keep in mind that you can already start with assessing and audit trailing cross-border arrangements in DAC6pro. When the tool is in line with the new XML schema and you re-select the Disclosing Country, the system will automatically update you on missing gaps in the assessment. This way, you are prepared to convert arrangements in the XML when it is ready.

Compatible for XML reporting: Belgium, Cyprus, Czechia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom

Smart knowledge-base

With DAC6, country-specific aspects, such as the hallmark interpretations, may deviate. To avoid being overwhelmed by 28 different hallmark explanations, our knowledge base will only show you those of the relevant countries, to help you swiftly complete your assessment.

*Partnerships with Grant Thornton and Dentons enable us to include country-specific DAC6 updates

Hassle-free compliance

DAC6pro eliminates the challenges one is faces when analyzing, assessing, and reporting an arrangement. Support is provided to the user at each stage, with the right know-how and in a guided and funneled way.

Always on time

Never miss a reporting deadline! With a single glance, you can review the status and deadline dates for your arrangements in real-time. Alert your team in a timely manner and set your organization up for compliance success.

100% DAC6 compliant

Benefit from tax audit readiness. Thanks to DAC6pro, the process of building robust and compliant documentation for all your arrangements includes integrated audit trailing, and it is within everyone’s reach.

The hallmark assessment

Determine the hallmarks applicable to your arrangements based on its specific characteristics or features. Gain confidence in your decision-making by using knowledge-based functionalities.

*More valuable features are coming soon to speed up the assessment time for your arrangements.

Manage stakeholders

Set up your team by appointing preparers, reviewers and viewers at the client and arrangement level.

Built-in communication

Whenever you feel uncertain about entering your arrangement data into the system, you can leave a comment to spark a discussion with a key stakeholder. In addition, you can with access critical documents that will fortify your decisions.

Report your reportable cross-border arrangement

After the reviewer signs-off and the critical stakeholders have agreed on the report, the reporting officer can file the arrangements in an XML format. You can exchange the report with the stakeholders involved as a PDF or Word document.

Audit ready

Any organization wants to have access to a DAC6 arrangement database in a single system. With the DAC6pro cloud environment, you can document and store all your reportable and non-reportable arrangements, stakeholders, and other details.

Add-on: DAC6enforcer

At TaxModel, we have been thinking about almost all the features that can help improve your DAC6 compliance journey. This is the reason why all our clients love the DAC6pro solution. However, a number of companies have asked whether we could add features to help them anchor, enforce, and monitor the actual compliance behavior of their employees.

To read more about just how we tackled these challenges with DAC6enforcer, click here. Do you want to receive updates on our new and upcoming features? Subscribe to the DAC6pro newsletter and follow us on LinkedIn.

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