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DAC6pro is an end-to-end cloud solution designed to support your DAC6 compliance process. It allows you to identify, gather, and assess your arrangement data and to create reports in line with the receiving authority’s technical requirements. Whether you have a single client or multiple clients, with DAC6pro your team will be in the driver’s seat of your DAC6 compliance process, with the following features:

You can report in each EU member state* in XML

After the reviewer signs-off and the critical stakeholders have agreed on the report, the reporting officer can file the arrangements in an XML format in the EU member state*. Completion of the arrangements in DAC6pro automatically ensures 100% alignment with the technical guidelines of a particular country. You can also exchange the report with the stakeholders involved as a PDF or Microsoft Word document.

We are still awaiting the technical guidelines from some EU member states. Keep in mind that you can already start assessing and audit trailing your cross-border arrangements in DAC6pro. Once the tool is in line with the new XML schema and you re-select the Disclosing Country, the system will automatically update you on the missing gaps in your assessment. In this way, you will be prepared to convert the arrangements in the XML when it is ready.

Compatible for XML reporting: Belgium, Cyprus, Czechia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom

Integrated Smart Knowledgebase

Our integrated knowledgebase provides information on all types of national implementation. Instead of being overwhelmed by 28 different hallmark interpretations, our knowledgebase will only show you those of the relevant countries, to help you swiftly complete your assessment.

Hallmark Assessments

Determine the hallmarks applicable to your arrangements based on its specific characteristics. Gain confidence in your decision-making process by using knowledge-based functionalities.

Be complete

DAC6pro will enforce you to include all relevant data by the built-in warning system.

Central Data Repository

All sensitive data in one central and secure environment, including audit trails and communication. Not only for your reportable arrangements, but just as important are the non-reportable arrangements to have available for any audit.

Built-In Communication

Use our built-in communication feature to discuss or document any detail of your analysis, including the option to upload any document.

User and Client Management

Use our extensive client and user management options to create an optimal control framework, by assigning roles and responsibilities to particular clients and arrangements. This is useful not only at all required levels within your organization, but also to invite external users at the level where you need them to provide information or expertise.

DAC6pro Community

We continuously receive valuable feedback from our 3000+ users, which ensures we capture all of their desires regarding user management, data collection, assessment, audit trailing, and reporting.

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DAC6enforcer Add-on

DAC6enforcer asks –at regular intervals – your (selected) users for information about the existing and emerging advice processes (arrangements) that may fall within the scope of DAC6. Monitor the actual DAC6 compliance behavior of your team on the enforcer dashboard. Read more

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