DAC6pro webinar

Learn How to Use DAC6pro to Achieve Maximal DAC6 Compliance

Are you trying to figure out how to meet the new mandatory disclosure rules? Becoming DAC6 compliant doesn’t need to be a headache. Discover DAC6pro – an intuitive and simple solution that brings you DAC6 compliance as quickly as possible.

DAC6pro webinar

During our live event, hosted by Lars Brink and Seth Geurtsen, we will demonstrate how DAC6pro will solve the challenges that intermediaries and taxpayers face when complying with DAC6.

Think of challenges such as:

  • How to develop a control framework that complies with the new DAC6 regulation
  • How to report cross-border arrangements in time
  • How to centralize and store all your non-reportable and reportable arrangement data
  • How to comply, as an international collective, with DAC6 in a consistent manner?
  • How to not feel overwhelmed by the DAC6 interpretations and deviations among 28 EU Member States


  • Introduction to TaxModel / TaxSuite
  • Software vs. Manual DAC6 Reporting
  • Features update and Highlights of DAC6pro
  • A brief explanation of the DAC6pro Licenses
  • 7-day free trial offer
  • Live Q&A

Webinar Date and Time:

  • Thursday, March 4, 2021, at 3:00 PM (CET) Request the recording below

DAC6pro in a nutshell:

  • Data storage/repository – to store all your reportable and non-reportable cross-border transaction arrangements.
  • Assessment – to analyze and assess your cross-border transactions. The smart knowledge base within the solution includes hallmark interpretations and deviations of every 28 EU Member State.
  • Reporting – to help you issue reports in any format required by a jurisdiction (.XML, PDF, CSV).
  • *Add DAC6enforcer – to anchor, enforce, and monitor the actual compliance behavior of your employees

Learn about all the ins and outs of DAC6pro and join our DAC6 community. Save your seat today!

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